Many Indian households (urban and semi-urban) depend upon household assistants to help with daily chores. This is due to the time pressure and need to do a lot of household chores including cooking multiple meals, looking after elders and children (and in some cases pets), cleaning of homes that tend to accumulate dust from the environment and more

The busy and fast life has left many families with no other option but to depend on the household help for even the smallest of tasks. They cook for the family, they keep the house clean, do the dishes and also look after elderly members of the family and also the kids.

Therefore without such assistance a lot of things would have been otherwise difficult to manage. Most people who run against time on a daily basis are very much dependent on the household help to assist them in putting things in order.

While they are like family and in many cases live in the same premises, they are also employees and individuals in their own rights. A good household environment where each party respects and trusts each other is critical to having a relaxed and open working relationship. Hence, some precautions should be taken early in the relationship as having household help is not only a privilege but also a huge responsibility.

The entire household is literally left with the assistant to take care of, and thus , as humans, they are also vulnerable to temptations and usually have financial pressures due to the extended family that they may be supporting back home.

It is recommended and necessary to check the background of household help before putting them on duty.

The following checks are important to be done

  • Verification of address
  • Recording of all the 10 digit fingerprints for the security of the employer
  • Past employment record
  • Reference Check
  • Check for any criminal record in the past


There are a number of agencies that provide such background screening services to their clients to ensure that they are employing a genuine person with a clean and proper background. These agencies do the proper research work to gather all the necessary information about the household help who would be taken to work.

The quality of information provided by the agencies determines the efficiency of it. Even though there are a number of agencies that offer the services, it is important to choose wisely.

Agencies that take up the responsibility for the entire verification process work closely with the law enforcement agencies, civil society and resident welfare association or RWA for sourcing accurate information.

A quick survey of the internet provides some names as listed below. As this has not been physically validated by us, please do your own checks before hiring an agency.

J.K Consultancy: Registered under and certified by the Government and also certified by ISO 9001: 2008. It provides a number of services of which Domestic Help verification services is one of it’s main services. The high quality of the services has ensured that households and other commercial offices and buildings recruit the right people for different jobs.

Janta Khoj:   Janta Khoj is a background verification agency that has it’s team of investigators who gather information about the candidate.

Auth Bridge: This verification agency provides an in depth knowledge of the background of the candidates so that the employer know before hand who they are hiring. It provides a range of services from address verification to other background checks so as to ensure that the information provided by the candidate is true.

India Verify:  India Verify provides record check to ensure authenticity of the information provided by the domestic help candidate and double checks upon the other details as well so as to make sure that the employer faces no threat from the maid.


The Other Measures That Can Be Taken To Ensure Safety:  

  • Submitting an application at the local police station for background verification of the domestic help is one of the best measures that one can undertake
  • Verification of the address and ID proof should be done and also keep photocopies of the same for one’s own records.
  • Visiting the address that has been provided by the candidate also helps in verifying the authenticity of the information.
  • Retaining a current picture of the help is also important.


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