Safety First Club is a social enterprise and not an NGO or a Not for Profit.

Our endeavour is to create self-funding services that serve the need of society in the area of safety.

We always welcome sponsors who may have safety and safety related initiatives as part of the corporate social responsibility or otherwise. Such sponsors can contribute in the following ways

  1. Provide content for Safety First Club. Not only for the website but for actual training of recipients eg school children
  2. Sponsor a program for a school or group of schools
  3. Sponsor a program for institutions like those who operate public transport fleets
  4. Use Safety First Club as a platform to promote a particular safety initiative that your organisation would like to undertake where it is relevant to your brand yet for a cause

If you would like to sponsor a program or associate with Safety First Club in any way please do contact the founder, Ajay Miglani on and phone + 65 83886673 (Please SMS if out of range or not available)

Thank You !