As a tourist visiting India for the first time, you will most likely take a few days to get oriented and absorb the culture and ways of the local society. India is truly incredible and in many ways incredibly different.

Most cities are very safe and you can go about your business and pleasure without anyone bothering you. However, like in any foreign country, you need to take precautions and be aware of the rules, regulations and social customs.

As a tourist, you may use several service providers during your stay in India. Or make purchases, eat in restaurants, use public transport, interact with locals and more.

Safety First Club offers you phone based assistance during your stay in India.  As a member, you will be able to reach out to a privately managed help line to answer some basic questions, get general guidance and have someone you can talk to get clarifications that you may need. It helps to speak to someone local for things that you may not be very familiar with.

Tourists who would like to use this service need to register with Safety First Club , provide information about their travel to India and also have the option to provide emergency contact information.

On registration and payment of a fee, applicants will be given membership to Safety First Club for the duration of their stay.

Members can opt to receive a physical membership card with their name and emergency contact information and blood group and allergies mentioned on the same.

Once registered with Safety First Club, member tourists can call the help line incase they need basic phone based assistance. For example, finding their way incase they are lost and do not have access to a map, getting advice on transportation and taxi information, assistance with speaking to a local who does not understand English or getting in touch with their embassy or country representative incase of an emergency.

This is neither an emergency service nor a 911 type of service. It is currently provided in English only.  It is purely an assistance line (though useful one) for registered members who may need occasional assistance while in India.

The cost of this service is Indian Rupees One Thousand Only (Rs. 1000) per 10 days of stay in India. So if you are here for 10 days or less you pay Rs. 1,000, which at the current rate is approximately US$ 15 (Fifteen Only).

If you were here in India for say 18 days, you would pay US$ 30 or equivalent. (For long staying tourists we offer the annual membership at US$ 400)

If you would like to avail of this service please contact us atleast 5 business days prior to your arrival into India.

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