Children are our future. And we should work towards giving them a safe environment.

Every day millions of school children travel to and from their schools. Many walk, some take public transport and many take transport organized by the school.

School buses are mostly owned and operated by contractors. They may have several buses as part of their business. They also rely on drivers who may be on a written or verbal contract with them.

While we insist on having car passengers buckle up and wear their seat belts, children in school buses have no such facilities or rules. All the more reason that school buses should be monitored on a regular basis.

School administration is usually held responsible for any mishaps and issues.

At Safety First Club it our endeavour to strengthen the arms of the school administration and management in this critical area of children’s safety.

Safety First Club offers schools and contractors the following services

  1. Report Rash Driving

    Under this service, we will provide the schools and contractors a 24 our help line the number of which is to be put up on and in the school bus.

    Public, parents and even children can call this number to report a case of rash driving or and safety violation during the process of pick up or drop of the child. The signs and stickers carry a 24 Hour Help line number to which a complaint or report of rash driving can be made.

    Since the vehicle is pre-registered with Safety First Club, the vehicle owner and driver can be tracked down to give them this feedback. A report is also given to the school administration for them to be aware of the incident(s).

  1. GPS Monitoring

    Safety First Club, through its approved vedors can get GPS equipment installed on the school buses and also provide real time tracking for the same.

  1. Mystery Customer

    Through its team of safety wardens and independent service partners, random following of school buses can be undertaken to see if they are following the basic guidelines set by the school.

To avail of one or more of the above services and to get a quote for the same please submit the Service Request Form below.