What is this service about? 

We provide a Single Number for Employees / Workers / Visitors to call in case they would like to report Any Safety Hazard with in office premise, factory, retail premise or warehouse etc of Participating Organizations.

Who can be a member? 

The service is mainly for Companies and Institutions who have multiple branches , retail outlets , factories & warehouses and are unknowingly exposed to various situations that may lead to serious safety threats like locked /blocked exit gates, exposed electrical wires, faulty electrical switches ,  non functional fire extinguishers, non functional safety alarms, slippery surfaces, smoking in non smoking areas, sleeping security guards etc . Serious disasters from these situations can be prevented if the same can be communicated in time to concerned authorities.

By becoming a member, the institution can use the common centralized call centre facility and use the number in its communication in all offices, Factories & Warehouses as applicable. Taking a step back from this, I want you to check this site http://cooker.guru/best-small-rice-cookers-reviews there you can find plenty of information that may get you interested.

How does it work?

  • The Institution enrolls in the service
  • We provide stickers with the 24 Hour Reporting Centre Contact Number to put on suitable places in Offices, Factories, retail premise & warehouses as applicable.
  • The institution registers & provides details of Branches, Factories & Warehouses as applicable.
  • If Employees / Workers / Visitors etc want to report safety hazards of any nature that and cause harm to the property or life, they simply need to call the 24 Hour Report Safety Hazards numbers (1800-22-7233) and report it.
  • Once Safety First Club gets a report, it passes this to the key contact at your office for action.

Membership Duration

Membership fees need to be paid annually 


For sign up contact

Manmohan Singh

Tel + 91 93-24-747575

Email: info@safetyfirstclub.com

You may also fill in the details in the form below. We will get in touch with you soon.