Rash Driving is a major cause of accidents. With a plethora of vehicles on the road and increasing transit times, many drivers often opt for driving fast and rash with the misunderstanding that this leads to time savings. Within city driving, the difference between fast and slow driving could be just a few minutes. Not much, is it? And I can’t say the same about types of car upholstery cleaner, keeping your car clear is as important as driving carefully, otherwise the difference in number of accidents will be much bigger.

Our service 

We provide a Single Number for consumers to call incase they would like to report rash driving by a participating members vehicle.


The service is mainly for companies and institutions that deploy third party service providers to transport members of their company, school, community etc. By becoming a member, the institution can use the common centralized call centre facility and use the number in its communication on all vehicles. Individuals whose cars are driven by third parties and where they would like to use of the call centre can also avail of the service. 


The institution registers its vehicles with Safety First Club by completing a registration form available with our representative. This can be done during a meeting with the representative or on phone or via email or web.

Once the vehicles are registered with us, we will provide highly visible stickers to be put up on the vehicles (From the inside facing out on the back window). The institution can also order additional stickers for other parts of the vehicle as well as a stencil for painting the number on the vehicle.

If members of public or others spot the vehicle being driven rashly, they can report the vehicle by calling the number.

Once we register a feedback call we will contact the vehicle owner or institution using the vehicle and report the issue to them.

The person reporting the issue may also provide their information and we will report back to them once we have communicated with the vehicle owner or institution.


The institution needs to complete a registration form with details of all vehicles that it needs to cover. One the form is completed and payment of the annual fee is made, the institution if provided the stickers and stencils for their use.

Registration of new or replacement vehicles 

Since our service provides a single number for all vehicles, it is very important for all new vehicles to be registered with us at all times. Else we will not be able to report back on any case for vehicles that are not registered with us

Membership Duration

Membership fees need to be paid annually


The fee is Rs 900 per vehicle per year plus service tax as applicable.  This is payable annually in advance. Incase the institution requires special vinyl stickers or additional materials; this will need to be paid extra. 


For sign up contact

Manmohan Singh

Tel + 91 93-24-747575