As an educational institution whether public or private, you may have cases of ragging or personal harassment of new and existing students on and off your campus.

You can avail of a service from Safety First Club whereby we will provide you with a 24 Hour Help Line for students to call and report cases of ragging.

This can be promoted on campus through posters, notices and signboards.

Information received on cases of ragging will be reported back to the head of the college or institution or to anyone else nominated to manage such cases.

The reporting students id may be kept confidential and the reporting student will be asked if they would like to provide their name to be shared with the institution.

Ragging in colleges and institutions is avoidable as it could be extremely unsafe, both physically as well as mentally.

Often cases of ragging may go unreported, as there is no one to report this to.

To know more about this service and to register your institution or college at a nominal annual fee please contact us.