Many of us would have lost something during our lifetime. And we may have wished that the finder would return these to us. However good a person the finder may be, unless our baggage has some identity that can help in getting it tracked back to us, the chance of us getting it back is low.

Safety First Club provides a lost and found service that includes baggage and key tags that also protect your privacy. For example, if you lose your house keys, you would not want to have your address tagged on them.

By subscribing to this service, you will receive 3 baggage tags and 2 key tags with your name, membership number and the Lost and Found reporting service contact information

If lost and then found, the finder can call or email Safety First Club and report the same. Our representatives will then co-ordinate the collection of your belongings so that these may be returned to you.

The service has a nominal fee of Rs 500 for a period of 2 years. Any additional cost of pick up, if any, can be paid directly by the member to the courier company that Safety First Club will co-ordinate this with. Or the member may directly collect the items from the finder once Safety First Club has verified and co-ordinated the same.

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