Isn’t home a place where one would like to feel safe and secured? But there can be a number of situations in which our safety can be at stake even at home. Thus we must take all the measures to ensure that the safety and security of our loved ones are not compromised with at any cost. The safety issues can be of different types. But some of the major dangers can stem from electronic appliances such as refrigerators or microwave ovens etc. Families that have little children should be even more careful with the use of electronic appliances. Any household these days needs a number of electronic appliances for the daily chores. And also it is difficult to do without these. But even the smallest or the most insignificant of the electronic goods can cause great or unfathomable dangers. Ignoring the safety guidelines while using the electrical appliances can cost a family very dearly. Thus nothing should be taken for granted and proper guidelines that have been provided in the manuals that come with the electronic appliances at the time they are bought, should be followed strictly.

Measures That Should Be Taken To Ensure Safety:

• One of the major mistakes that most of us commit is to keep the appliances plugged in even when it is not in use. If the earthing of the house isn’t too strong then it might lead to uncalled for dangers.

• It is advisable to keep the electronic appliances turned off during thunderstorms and lightning. If possible then also it is best to keep them unplugged as well. Since running electronic appliances during these times might lead to grave dangers.

• The electronic appliances should always be kept on a wooden support. This is because wood is a bad conductor of electricity and if in case there is a problem then it wouldn’t spread over the entire building.

• In order to keep oneself and the family safe from electrical shock it should be made sure that there is no source of water within the 6 feet of the electrical appliances and there is ground fault circuit interrupter protection as well.

• If a small appliance falls into water while still plugged in then one must never try to reach out for it. The source of power must first be turned off and then the item should be retrieved from the water.

• The manufacturer’s instructions that come with every electronic appliance is highly informative and should be followed religiously as well. These manuals contain all the information on how a device should be used and the protective measures that should be taken while using them.

• Too many electrical devices should not be plugged into one source together. This might cause danger and lead to disastrous situations.

• Small kids must be kept away from every kind of electrical devices.

• If one discovers that there is a problem with an electronic device then the main power source should be turned off first.