New Delhi, 2 January, 2015: Recent incidents involving atrocities against women have brought to the forefront concerns over the safety of women in Delhi. Thus to bring back the public faith in the system, Home Minister Rajnath Singh launched Himmat, a safety application for women, on the 1st of January, 2015. It is an initiative by the Delhi Police, to protect women on the streets of Delhi. Following back to back incidents of violence being perpetrated on women, this app has been launched to ensure that women in danger get all the help they require to save themselves. This app has been made available on the Android platform, as research has shown most working women use android or smartphones.

This easy to use app sends an audio visual alert to the Police Control room when the power button is pressed. The alert can also be sent by shaking the device as well. Also at the same time the app will send SMS alert to a minimum of 5 contacts as selected by the user and post alert on Facebook or twitter or whichever social networking site it has been linked with. The SMS alert would contain all the information including the location of the victim. The alert sent at the Police Control Room would be forwarded to the local police station near the location of the victim as well as to the Police vans patrolling the area. The users are first required to register with the Delhi Police website and provide the necessary details including the phone number. Once the registration is complete the user would immediately receive an SMS with a link for download and a registration key. This key would be required while registering on the app.

But Delhi Police has also requested not to misuse the app as generating false alarms for 3 times would lead to cancellation of the registration. The user would have to re register by reporting through an email or a to a support number. The Economics Times has further reported that the Home Minister has asked Delhi Police to introduce the app on the iOS platform for the iPhone users as well.