Tyre Matching

Proper Tyre Matching improves the overall performance of tyre & vehicle:

  • Ensure all tyres fitted on a vehicle are of the same size
  • Match the correct rim for your tyres
  • Fit same construction tyres in one vehicle –  avoid mixing of Radial & Bias.
  • Avoid mixing of patterns on the same axle
  • Preferably, fit all tyres from the same manufacturer
  • Avoid mixing of different wear tyres on same axle
  • Do not mix uneven tyres with new ones
Tyre Matching

Tyre Matching

Tyre Inspection:

  • Check the exterior of your tyres for any damage, low or high air pressure or any abnormal wear and tear
  • Remove physical items like stones or nails which may have been entrapped in the tread of the tyre
  • If any abnormal or uneven wear and tear is found, consult with a tyre specialist or vehicle mechanic soonest
  • If there are damages that result in the exposing of the ply cord and/or steel belt and these are visible, urgently consult with a tyre specialist or see a tyre repairing center
  • If pressure check indicates tyre has lost the pressure, look for the signs of penetration, valve leakage or wheel/rim damage & consult the tyre specialist
Tyre Inspection

Tyre Inspection


Key aspects relating to your vehicle that you should look at

  1. Match your car tyres – do not mix radials with bias type tyres
  2. Preferably use the same manufacturers tyres
  3. Change all tyres at one time. Avoid using a mix of old and new tyres
  4. Regularly inspect your tyres to check if any physical objects like stones are stuck within
  5. Check if your tyres are torn or damaged
  6. When in the slightest doubt, refer to a tyre specialist soonest
  7. Drive Safe, Be Safe!


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