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Safety First Club is an initiative to promote safety of your family, friends, colleagues, employees, workers, public and yourself.

As a responsible member of society you can play an important role in promoting safety to your circle of associates and relationships. However, to be able to do so you need to be aware of various aspects of safety and also the latest developments in this important area.

As a member you will get the following benefits

  1. Ongoing communication to build your awareness on safety related matters. Very important as this will help you and your family and with appropriate sharing of such information, you can play an important role in building awareness within society.
  2. A Safety First Club Membership Card for your use. This can carry your emergency information as also your blood group and allergies incase this is required to be referred to in an emergency. We can provide additional ID cards for your family members including children and elders at a nominal cost.
  3. Safety First Club Baggage tags with a Lost and Found Reporting Service. This can help finders report the tagged item that you may have misplaced or lost. The Safety First Club helpline will take in such reports and co-ordinate the collection of the lost and found items.
  4. One Year Report Rash Driving Service for any vehicle you choose to include (worth Rs 900). You need to register your vehicle with us to avail of this service. We will provide you will a display sticker for your vehicle. This will carry our Toll Free Reporting number.
  5. Special rates for Home Water Testing including free pick up of water samples from your home. This covers microbiological and chemical contamination tests.
  6. Preferred access to events and activities arranged by Safety First Club or its partners.
  7. Special offers and deals from our partners for products and services related to Safety First Club. A list of current services is under the ‘Services’ section on

Individual Membership is for $ 15 per annum plus service tax. This covers the cost of the membership card, administration of membership and contribution towards safety awareness initiatives.

This does not include the costs of individual services that may be listed within the site or on other communication of Safety First Club.

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