10 02, 2015

Driving Vacations – Tips for a Smoother and Safer Journey

Your upcoming driving holiday is planned to almost perfection, from accommodation, attractions, leisure activities and more. Do not overlook the condition of your vehicle and let a breakdown disrupt your vacation!

Send your car for Pre-trip Inspection and find out if there are areas which require rectification so as to reduce your chances of a […]

10 02, 2015

More Safety Tips For Your Vehicle Tyres

Tyre Matching

Proper Tyre Matching improves the overall performance of tyre & vehicle:

Ensure all tyres fitted on a vehicle are of the same size
Match the correct rim for your tyres
Fit same construction tyres in one vehicle –  avoid mixing of Radial & Bias.
Avoid mixing of patterns on the same axle
Preferably, fit all tyres from the […]