Luggage is a critical part of every journey. Whether it is during a vacation or an official tour, the baggage that one takes along is the one of most important things to look after. While packing your bags is one part of the story, taking care of your luggage is a different story altogether. Both require tactics.

Being alert all the time is the key to baggage safety. It is best to be close to your bags all the times, so that they are not left on their own at any time. Unattended bags have a very high chance of going missing.

By being a bit alert and clever one can keep one’s luggage safe no matter the destination.

Following are a few tips that can help keep problems at the bay.

Quick Tips For Ensuring Luggage Safety

  • Travel insurance is of major importance when it comes to luggage safety. By taking the appropriate insurance one   can ensure peace of mind that atleast the cost of the items which have been lost would be covered up by the insurance.
  • All the important belongings starting from cash to passports or credit cards should be kept safely. They should not be stowed away in an outer pocket of a luggage bag. While carrying these precious things in a handbag, one must be extra cautious about the handbag and never keep it out of reach. Try and split the items in more than one place so that you do not lose everything should there be the unforeseen circumstance of lost bags.
  • Marking the bags with something bright and conspicuous help in identifying them better on a luggage belt at an airport. Since the luggage bags these days look similar, chances of the bags getting swapped with someone else are very much possible.
  • Include your name, address, phone number and email address inside all your bags –hand bags as well as checked in luggage. This will help the good Samaritan return your possessions incase they are lost and found.
  • Checking all the zips and locks before setting off on the journey is an important task. Investing on mini padlocks can also lend some amount of extra protection. For travel to countries like USA, you should use a TSA approved lock – one that can be opened by the airport authorities without them needing to break your locks or zip.
  • One must also ensure that he or she knows what all is there in the bag so as to make it easier to track it down in case it is lost. Keep a list in memory and if possible in writing. Also keep copies of your credit cards , drivers license and other items back home in a safe place. You may need this incase you have to report loss of your bags and the possessions therein.
  • Maintaining a low key profile in the public as this can save a lot of trouble. Flashy and expensive bags can draw more attention. Thus, it is better to keep it as discreet as possible.
  • Keeping the luggage close and ensuring that they are safe by remaining alert all the time allows travellers to manage their luggage better.

Happy Journey!