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With the rapid advent of modernization and the increase in population, there are many aspects of personal safety that require utmost attention.

Some of the high-risk areas for personal and community safety are:

  1. Pedestrian Safety and Road Traffic on busy roads and highways
  2. Fire Safety in Commercial and High Rise Buildings
  3. Occupational Safety including Factories and Units deploying Men and Machinery
  4. Public Safety at Construction Sites
  5. Commuter Safety on Public Transport
  6. Drinking water safety at homes, offices and restaurants
  7. Food Safety and FSSAI Compliance by restaurants where we dine
  8. Children safety while commuting
  9. Cyber safety and security of personal information and data
  10. Safety of elders living alone
  11. Safety of Tourists visiting India

At Safety First Club it is our endeavour to support organizations , institutions, businesses and individuals in their safety improvement initiatives.

Safety First Club is an initiative of Tiger Pug Pte Ltd

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